PopSugar Must Have – July Bag has Arrived!

People who know me know I love a good deal – especially when it comes to stylish snags! That’s why when PopSugar announced it was kicking off its Must Have bag of monthly favorites, I was like “Naw, I’m good…well, ok.” Yeah, I caved in. It happens.  I mean, $100-worth of goodie goodies hand-selected by PopSugar editors for just $35? …Sold.

Well, after just a few weeks of waiting and anticipating, my July bag of Must Haves has arrived, and I want to give y’all a peek at what was inside!

First, my own pics of the grand unveiling:



I must say, it looks just as good as the professionally done photos in real life (ok, so my images may not do it justice – maybe August will come with a camera). First reaction though, was “Is this it?” I was kind of expecting a plain white T, or maybe some jewelry, so the beauty-supply contents themselves were a bit disappointing from the get-go.

Here’s what was inside:

The PopSugar Tote

I’m not a huge branded-tote girl, so this doesn’t count in my mind – not to mention I went crazy over beach totes last summer and am maxed out. That said, I’ll probably use this for groceries or carrying stuff to and from work, so it’s all good.

Body Drench Raspberry Gelee Body Scrub & Pomegranate Crush Body Lotion

Meh, bath stuff. Always nice to have, but so easy to end up with a ton of it. These smell yummy (as body stuff should) but they’re nothing that special in my mind. The packaging is pretty standard and so is the stuff inside. PLUS, my lotion’s cap is broken so I can’t pump it out like I should be able to. Brutal blow.


This kinda grossed me out, to be honest. Mail order food? Ummmm…how long was it in there? Did it get hot? Where has this box been? Once I got over the initial sketchiness of the whole idea and tried one though, they were pretty delish. I probably wouldn’t order them online, but I might pick one up at the store. Are they selling these at Starbucks anytime soon?

RGB Nail Polish in Minty & Doll

Hallelujah, this one was right up my alley! I’ve been searching for the perfect minty nails and it looks like RGB and PopSugar read my mind. The minty color is PERFECTION on the toenails, and whatever their formula is, it’s nice and thick for gorgeous non-streaky coverage. Love it, love it. I haven’t tried Doll yet, but it’s an awesome neutral I’ll definitely use.

Ilia Lip Color & Lip Conditioner

I rarely wear lipstick because I prefer a neutral lip, so again, I was disappointed when I first unwrapped these. After trying them on though, I think I’m in love! The lip color is nice and light for a lipstick, and in a great neutral shade that I love. This might even replace my fav MAC color! The conditioner is nice, but I haven’t tried it enough to give you a good review – it’s pretty red.

All-in-all, I think my expectations were way too high and was let down when the thing finally arrived. But after trying all the products, I’m in love with at least half, so thank you PopSugar! I’m definitely continuing my subscription for at least another month or two, so get ready for my August post when that one arrives!

For more about the products (and why they were the chosen ones) from the PopSugar editors themselves, read more here. To sign up for the Must Haves yourself, click here!

Have you tried any of these products? Big fan? Big hater? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!


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