Trend To Try: Sarong, It’s Right

I know, I know, major fashion sin. I’ve missed the first couple days of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. But let me tell you, dear readers, that I’ve done so for a very good reason… Family trip to Hawaii! Yes, suddenly writing about sarongs is starting to make sense. While wrap dresses, tops and skirts are current trends, sarongs as part of your daily wardrobe are not so much. But the more I think about it, they are so versatile, why not incorporate them into your Fall outfits?

Here are some fashionable ideas to get you started:

Make it a Maxi: Maybe no groundbreaking news here, but maxis are in style, and so are colorful prints, so why not use your bright sarong as a maxi skirt? Just make sure to wear leggings or another skirt underneath to keep it kid-friendly.

Image courtesy of

Make it a Mini: Check out this cool scarf/sarong folding technique I discovered on Pinterest. Looks just like a real skirt, no?

Image courtesy of Fashion Worship via Pinterest

Scarf it Up: A sarong is pretty much a scarf anyway, and with all the big, luxurious scarves I’m obsessing over, sarongs fit right in as Fall/Winter neckwear.

Image courtesy of Scout & Catalogue via Etsy

Layer, and Layer Again: Experimenting with layers is one of my favorite parts of Fall and Winter. My mind is racing thinking that sarongs may be the ultimate layering piece – I’m thinking sheer sarongs over or under other skirts, peeking out from under shift dresses, or with some tight leather pants and  an oversized sweater. What do you think?

Image courtesy of The Sartorialist

Wrap Your Head: I adore head wraps and turbans as an accessory, so this one is a must for me! If you haven’t tried the trend yet, why not experiment with the sarong you already have?

Image courtesy of Piccsy

Do you have any other ideas for transitioning sarongs from Summer to Fall?


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