5 Pretty-Ugly Christmas Sweaters


‘Tis the season for ugly Christmas sweater parties! The well-intentioned guilty pleasure of fashionistas everywhere. While you don’t want to look too, too good at a purposely unstylish event, here are some great picks to show that you can be fashionable – even in a horrible sweater.


Black Candy Cane Jumper $32.72 — Picture this sweet sweater with some red jeans, red and white striped denim, or a cute green skirt. The striped back will make you that much more stylish.

Urban Renewal

Urban Renewal Vintage Ugly Holiday Vest $29 — Vests are a big, fat, must-have for your closet right now. Give your styling skills some practice with the ugliest Christmas vest you can find! (Note that each vest is unique, so you may not get the exact one pictured.)


ASOS Christmas Cat Jumper $52.77 — Everyone loves a kitty cat. Especially one that wears a hat.


Sweaters For All My Friends Intarsia Pullover $64 — You’ve been eyeing that oversized sweater with a big old owl in the middle, why not swap it out for a seasonally-appropro elf?


Inspire Grey Reindeer Sweater $32.72 — Same idea, but with an awww-inspiring reindeer. Bonus points if you spend the night singing about Rudolph.

Send in your ugly Christmas sweater photos so we can see how you styled them and maybe even feature you in a future post!


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