How to Style Your Ugliest Ugly Christmas Sweater

Every year, ugly Christmas sweater parties are more and more popular. When will the madness end?! Well my friends, if you can’t beat them, you’d better be out there joining them! But what to wear you ask? Step one: pick up the perfect ugly Christmas sweater. Second, take a styling tip from some of my favorite bloggers – they really know what they’re doing!

Treats and Treasures

Sydney of Treats and Treasures

Brightly colored jeans are in everyone’s closet this season. Take advantage by pairing your sweater with red, green, burgundy or even silver and gold bottoms for a little extra kick.

Ella La Petite Anglaise

Ella of La Petite Anglaise

Ugly Christmas sweaters are anything but classy. So why not class yours up with a flirty skirt and a collar? Topping off the look with a fur hat or scarf is also a great way to embrace the season and stay cozy!

Kayla Hadlington

Kayla of Kayla Hadlington

A little texture can go a long way. (Why else would the ugly Christmas sweaters with 3D gift boxes and lights always sell out first, right?) Couple your sweater with interesting textures like leather, lace and velvet for a lux touch.

Button Box

Emmy of Button Box

Going all-out with the look can be surprisingly chic – just take a look at Emmy’s use of plaid with her cardi! I love the mix of festive prints!

The Photographic Mind

Ola of The Photographic Mind

Christmas sweaters are geek chic, so why not play it up with geeky accessories? Try some glasses like Ola, or maybe a festive bowtie or suspenders.

How are you wearing your ugly xmas sweater this year?


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